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ABOUT  The book

We all work or have worked at BULLY, INC.

An unforgiving workplace environment where the tyranny of one is allowed to pollute the everyday work experience of the many.

It costs. From the estimated £20 billion lost to the economy each year in the UK  to the human cost of day in day out misery and rat-on-a-wheel drudgery and fear.

In his mould-breaking new book author Peter Burnett dissects the phenomenon of Workplace Bullying - which impacts one in three people in the workforce.


He offers a road map out of this infectious 21st Century workplace malaise - a malaise that stretches from the small businesses to the Houses of Parliament - itself charged with legislating on behaviour in the workplace -  to the boardrooms of the very biggest global players.

BULLY, INC  shows how we are now using technology to bully and how media itself can be charged as guilty in its preoccupation with and demonisation of celebrities visible in their workplace.

BULLY, INC. answers your fundamental questions about workplace bullying:


  • What is and what is not bullying at work?

  • Why am I the target?

  • Why and how do bullies get away with it?

  • What role do bystanders play?

BULLY, INC. is the definitive guide to neutralising and eliminating the bully in your workgroup.


Life in the workplace has shown me that virtually everybody has had some experience of bullying, either as  a target or a bystander.


My book, BULLY, INC defines in straightforward and value-led language:

  • What exactly constitutes bullying behaviour

  • Strategies to avoid bullying situations

  • Coping with bullying behaviour

  • How to become bully-proof

​BULLY, INC. is committed to helping people understand what is and what is not bullying, and offers a route map out of this dysfunctional work practice.

If you’re working at BULLY, INC. right now this book will  help you.

Peter Burnett

ABOUT  The book